Monday, August 29, 2011

1 the challenge !!!

30 days

29 blogs (I can’t count this as one. Can I?)
28 years it took me to write my first blog
278 paragraphs
26th August – when I hit my first writer’s block
25 minutes, average time it takes me to complete a post
24/7 thinking of things to write for the next blog
2, 3 days – I got busy(lazy) in between and skipped writing
22 days after which I had to take an unexpected break
21.44 – time now (signing off my blog # 30)
20 pages of what’s in my mind
18 X 2 = 36 tags
17– Number of countries I have audiences from
16th July – day I started on my challenge
15 comments on the site – many more on facebook
14% of audience read the blog from a mobile or a tablet
137 results for ‘sangrywords’ on google
12 followers who have signed up on the site
11 minutes – time spent on thinking what I will write here
10 pm – usual time I sit down to write
9-month old as my youngest fan (I read it aloud to her everyday)
810 lines
7,500 words
6 blogs that were list of things I like, dislike, love, hate etc…
53 likes on facebook
4 readers from Reunion – I didn’t know where this was on the map
3 people who have featured the most in my blogs – S/S/S
1 the challenge!

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