Friday, July 25, 2014

Feels like living underwater

I feel like closing my eyes and ears to the world, to be able to live in utopia for a while.  To survive in today’s time I must become numb to everything that is going around me. These are dangerous times war, rapes, murders, planes crashes and lords knows what else. Just when I was watching another shocking piece of news on the television, I stumbled upon a quote from Albert Camus “In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”

But I guess even if I were to turn away for a bit, I don’t think things are going to change.  I sometimes wonder what kind of world is my little one growing up in. Of course my blood boiled even then when I was not a mother, call it being selfish but I want a better world for my daughter.

My perspective has changed the way I think ever since Smera came into our lives. So when I hear a 6 year old raped in school and just yesterday an 8 year old raped by a relative and hung on a tree, it gives me a shiver down the spine. Where are kids safe then if not at school or at home? My daughter is almost turning 4 and this is a really scary reality.

I can understand a bit how painful it must be for parents whose children fall victims to such perverts! A mother’s heart breaks into thousand pieces when a child gets hurt forget even being able to understand how it must feel to see your child being threatened or abused. My heart goes out to all those mothers who are going through this pain and have lived the day and survived it.

To be honest I think we are talking more about it than ever, but that’s not enough! Is that enough?  We must change ourselves, to expect wonders to happen overnight would be foolish and the first step has to be ours.

I am going to teach and help Smera understand what’s a good touch and bad touch. It’s good to respect others but she will start with herself. She must learn to respect for herself and only then others would follow suit.  We should not let our children underestimate their inner strength, find that strength and learn to say to NO to what is wrong! For starters I’ll start with this video from Childline India and Body Shop Malaysia that has come up with a great to reach out to children like mine. 

Please do view and share these videos if you really care about our children!  

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