Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A trip back home with my travel buddy

I will remember my recent trip home for a long time. It was very special for a number of reasons - most important being it was our first mom & daughter trip together, on our own. As Saju aka daddy had to travel on work for a few days to first London and then to Singapore. Instead of being home alone for 10 days me and Smera decided to visit my parents in Delhi.

Here are few other reasons that made our trip special

1.      I was terrified how Smera will behave in-flight. Would she keep everyone awake with her high octave vocal skills? Would someone come up to me and ask me to keep her quiet? My fears were not misplaced - she kept our fellow passengers awake. But to my pleasant surprise, she did that by keeping everyone entertained using her charming smile and baby-talk. She was so good that one person gifted her some money !!!
2.      10 days of unlimited pampering by her maternal grand parents, uncles and aunts. Wish we had enough days to visit Saju’s parents too.
3.      Smera took her first auto-rickshaw and cycle-rickshaw rides. She just could not control her excitement when she got into the auto. She was swaying in the breeze and holding onto the bars and yelling out of sheer enthusiasm.
4.      Experienced her first rain in Delhi.
5.      Smera took full advantage of travelling in the car without having to sit in her car seat.
6.      Lost all her hair to the barber. Daddy and Smera now sport the same look post her 'mundan'.
7.      Finalised our next 3-city vacation plans for this November.

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