Sunday, August 28, 2011

A chicken or egg dilemma in the kitchen

I am looking for reasons why my chicken curry has turned out so sad. Could it be the masala (the spice mix), could it be the chicken - no, it has to be my husband! Yes it is him, he rarely gives me an opportunity to polish my culinary skills especially with Chicken. These days, when I ask him to get some chicken; he buys these small portions of curry from the fresh food counter at the super market.

Do you think he does that, because my cooking isn't up to the mark? Or is it that my cooking is not up to the mark because he often gets his chicken curry from the super-market counter.

I can't figure that in my head - it is a classic case of circular cause and consequence. It is one of those things that I can argue it both ways ....

After thinking long and hard, weighing pros and cons, looking at the merits of the case from opposing perspectives and after going through both sides of the story in my head, I’ve reached a conclusion.  I shall be making an omelette instead for dinner tonight. 

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