Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glue that keeps us together

I am the google mom, I confess, or atleast I used to turn to google for everything. The first time I was travelling with my 40 day old Smera to Delhi, I googled up the check on the rules to travelling with an infant. But now I have sort grown out of that stage, I am a bit more confident, moreover she enjoys travelling with me. It’s one of the most hassle-free tasks for me.

The very thought of itself make Smera extremely happy. So I decided to get her to help me pack this time, she has been extremely efficient in unpacking from the time she was 6 months old. So I neatly laid out things we would need for a weekend getaway to my mum’s place and this is all what she had to pack for the trip.

Having put her toy in the bag she was satisfied, the fun bit started at the airport, asking (almost begging) me to get her some surprise. Surprise typically in Smera’s dictionary means a treat that she is not allowed to eat everyday.

On reaching home, she thrilled to see her granny and grandpa she forgot about the jetlag bit. I even managed a day trip leaving her with my parents to go off to Mumbai for a day. But what was most surprising, the amount of conversation she can make in a day with everyone at home.

Telling my parents how I keep fighting with her, to the reason why she is not allowed to jump on the bed as its expensical (read expensive). She also refused to marry my brother, Sanju Mama as he is naughty. While his wife my sister-in-law (SIL) is her friend as Veda ammai loves to play with her. She would order her around, “Veda come on let’s play”. Sometimes Smera talks to my SIL as if she brought up Veda, gave her education, and helped become the scientist she is today. 

Among other things as a mother I do prefer Smera eating healthy food choices, good amount veggies and carbs and proteins.  One afternoon during the break I was extremely pleased when she finished her lunch without a fuss. For that reason I asked my mum for a treat, “do you have B-I-S-C-U-I-T?? and mum replied “no there is only M-U-F-F-I-N”, to this the little smarty pants quickly adds, “I want E-E-I-O-U”. That was her first and the best shot at attempting to spell anything, was really meant to be a sweet treat!

It was so funny that we decided to take her to KFC for a real treat that evening. Before heading out I asked if she would take my aunt, her little granny to KFC, instantly she replied “No”! Upon asking her reason she said, “you are not funny and you are naughty”!

The day I was coming back she tells my father “Grandpa you be nice to my granny!”. Then tells her granny “you too be nice to him” as consolation prize so that the grandpa too is taken care of.

This age is so wonderful, I wish could just record every bit of her conversation. Kids at this stage are a perfect balance of sheer naughtiness and innocence all at the same time. Of course it also takes great specimens to produce one of a kind notorious one.

You will always hear me complaining about Smera but reality is, even though she might be naughty and talk like a grandmother, but still in some weird way I am kind of proud of it too.

Staying in a nuclear family makes us respect and appreciate our family so much more and to see that joy on her face to meeting grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, makes me want to travel again and again back home.

Thank you Smera for bringing us closer as a family! 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Driving me crazy

I have previously written about my passive road-rage issue and this time I am going to rant about the active part of my road-rage problem. The active part really comes into play especially between 07:30 – 09:00hrs and then 16:00-17:30hrs.

On many occasions I’ve experienced near accident situations. However there was a particular incident which really agitated me. On a beautiful evening on my way to pick up Smera, I almost saved myself from colliding into a car, thankfully I had enough space between me and the next car to apply sudden brake and hazards.

Some random guy was tailgating another car while he is on the phone crashes on Sheikh Zayad Road roughly about 16:15pm. That’s not it along with it two other cars are smashed. I was fourth one in line and luckily even at 110Km/hr could safely slam the brakes without colliding into the crash. But the sight was devastating to see as two of the three cars were completely damaged.

It’s a usual thing here especially at peak time, but it frustrates me that if you are not worried about your own life, at least think about others lives.  I stopped and got out pull the person out of the third car as I could see smoke coming out of the vehicle, a few other people stopped by to help.

The lady in the third car, feeling shocked and hurt, her first question upon getting out of the car was, “Are there any kids in other cars?”. Not worrying about her injury, she was more worried about others in the crash.  Accidents are bound to happen, they cannot stop but one can help minimise it.

My husband works in the insurance field and being in the motor insurance field, I get hear awful stories of people and sometimes even an earful for being a little rash. I am not claiming to be the best driver in the world, but just imagine, I was on my way to pick up my daughter and if I too had crashed then she would have been stuck crying wondering where her mum was.

By all means drive fast in Dubai, the roads are good and you can speed up too but just use little basics:

  • Leave enough gap between you and the car ahead of you.
  • Tailgating a big no-no, that’s just plain rude!
  • Use the wonderful device called indicators while changing lanes
  • Please buckle up your kids
  • Should you feel the need to sudden brake please use hazard lights
  • Lastly don’t use indicators to change lanes with hazard light on, it does NOT help.

I leave you with a few stories from the newspapers here in UAE, maybe you can understand my frustration:

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