Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things that makes me smile

How often do you think about things we take for granted?  I can hear you say - 'Not very often! - hey, there is a reason why they are called things that we take for granted!'. Indeed, I say, and my blog today is about things we that we often over look and have forgotten to like. 

It is those simple pleasures of life - offering us many a opportunities to enjoy, appreciate and explore. They are the things which give you a reason to smile in your daily grind that is filled with potholes, bumps, sharp turns and roadblocks. It is the bus-shelter and the road sign that tells you - take a break, take it easy. We should re-learn to treasure them. Here is my starter for ten.... 

1. Smell of new books 

2. Getting into crisp white cotton shirts 

3. Street Shopping and bagging a bargain 

4. Gossiping with my girlfriends

5. Reading cookbooks - It is more filling than a Dubai brunch

6. Singing in the shower (or Dancing in the rain )

7. Eating a Samosa – Brings back fond memories of school n college canteen days

8. Re-reading old hand-written letters, cards and emails

9. Cup of Vanilla Latte

10. Fragrance of freshly washed clothes  

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  1. a hot cup of coffee delivered by momma on your computer table when you don have time to prepare one...
    and ringing of school bell for break time...though it's for 5 mins only

    1. True Koopa !! Even I love it when mum does that especially during exam time .. Life is really living in these little moments of happiness :)

      Have a great day !!


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