Saturday, May 25, 2013

Silly Saturday: Home delivery

Just like any other toddler Smera has a weakness when it comes to mobile phones. So as over-protective mobile lovers we got her a little toy phone almost a year ago. She didn't quite like it then, obviously was not as interesting as ours. But suddenly she has taken a liking to the toy. She loves to pretend having serious conversation over her toy phone.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation tapped by MBI. Yes you guessed it right Mommy Bureau of Investigation.

Smera: Hello Saravana? Do you have two illy (read idly)?

Smera: Daddy what do you want? Dosa?

Daddy: Yes angel!

Smera: Excuse me one dosa. No oil and coffee.

This is our regular order on Friday mornings at Sarvana but what made us laugh is the seriousness with which Smera efficiently ordered over the phone.

Lesson to learn: Never underestimate a two and half year old's ears! 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Very berrylicious

Smera has been grounded at home for the last few days. She fell down from a tricycle and injured her arm. At this stage more than injury, it’s boredom that is irritating her the most. So the dad and daughter duo decided to bake mixed berry cupcake and I have evidence to show that my daughter is refined assistant chef.

But there are always two sides to the coin, isn't it? Much as they look nice, they were under cooked. So we took the picture and popped them back in the oven. They came out slightly burnt, very dry and sour as the berries were not tossed well in sugar. The sour bit is my mistake to be honest, my diet-conscious self didn't allow me to put in enough sugar!

If that was not enough, I even went and shared a few mildly atrocious cupcakes to my lovely neighbour Beena Di. She actually did deserve it primarily for two reasons:

  1. For her love for Smera
  2. The eggs in the recipe came from her home. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Freewinds - Mama and baby had a big fall

Have you ever felt like going back in time? Maybe to re-live some cherished moments or to undo some mistakes we must have done. With this thought I am going to start a new segment - Freewinds! Taking time out to look back on what has happened in past, re-learn, refresh and maybe even re-live. This post is somewhat re-living what happened many years back.

I must have been in 5th or 6th std, it was raining very heavily. Amma wanted to get something from the nearby grocery store, so I instantly offered to help her. This was my chance to go for a walk in the rain. As I walked through the rain enjoying suddenly ground beneath me disappeared. It took me a while to realise that I had fallen into a manhole.

With my leg stuck between metal pieces, I couldn't get out. Noticing the delay in returning, Amma came looking for me and found me stuck in the manhole. She pulled me out, hugged tightly and took me home. For the rest, I do not remember except the stinging pain thanks to the fall and tetanus shot. 

The reason why I am reminded of this incident today is, my little Smera fell down from her tricycle and slightly fractured her arm. It all happened in front of my eyes and I just couldn't anything. Felt like Deja vu, just that the characters were different, I am the mum and Smera the daughter.

It was good fortune the hospital was 5 minutes away, so couldI rush her in for a quick check. My worst fear came true when the doctor said it’s a slight fracture and we need to straighten her bone. Brave little one did all this without anesthesia and got her a pink bandage to match with most of her clothes in her wardrobe. 

This entire incident has made wonder what my parents would have gone through each time I fell down and came home hurt and bleeding. This is the tough part of being a parent, to watch them fall. 

Smera has been astonishingly courageous during this whole period. It goes without saying that she gets frustrated and irritated when it itches a lot, but even then a little distraction helps her forget. I am sure this is not the only time we will be feeling like this. But that’s what growing up is!

Kudos to my little Smera, you make me and daddy so proud!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Silly Saturdays: Driven to the wall

Once you have taken a long sabbatical to become a mom, it becomes a very difficult after 2-3 years later to get back to work. Ask me about it. I have been struggling with to take this decision for over a year.

So decided to discuss this with mum/mentor, a lady who has innumerable times given me just enough push to get me started, whenever things have not worked for me right. 

Here is the inspiration discussion I had with my mum.

Me: Amma, I think it’s time I get back work. What do you think?
Mom: That would be good for you. With our little Smera growing up, it would just the right time for you to start looking around.
Me: So then I’ll start looking out soon after our july vacation.
Mom: Hmm … on second thoughts, (sporting a grin) why don’t try your luck at the RTA as a taxi driver!  With you being always to on the road picking and dropping people. That would be just the right job for you.

If that was not enough to offend me, my little one too left no stone un-turned to make me feel terrible.

Me: Smera come on darling, sit on my lap and let’s go out for breakfast!
Smera: No, I want to sit on daddy lap
Me: Ok
Smera: Mamma you go drive, daddy sits next to me!

It takes an open heart to notice the signs God sends, and then it takes courage to accept them with gratitude. But should this be considered as god’s sign or Silly Saturdays!

I cannot blame myself for not having a drive.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Accidental learning

I have said this number of times.  I have learnt a lot from my two year old – it feels back to school days. Take for instance, the case of a Sting-Ray, I only really came to know about this creature after Smera started recognising them. Then there is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise or how to distinguish seal from a sea-lion and to explain how an alligator is different from a crocodile. Of course, all these are testament to my lack of appreciation of marine biology and the result of Smera’s overdeveloped sense of curiosity, fueled by her weekly trips to the Dubai aquarium.

But that’s not the type of learning what I want to talk about today. We learn everyday to be better individuals, trying to be good parents to her. There have been days when I have felt my patience thinning out like an over-stretched rubber-band trying to potty train her. It’s like playing snakes and ladders, some days we go up the learning curve and some days we go back where we started.  

Last week after a potty training accident, I was really upset one evening, thinking to myself, why can I not teach her this? Then I tend to question myself, what is it that I am doing wrong? Just then she comes and sits on my lap and says “Mamma are you upset?”. I nodded my head to say yes and then gently putting her head on my shoulder and said, “I am sorry”.  

And this made me re-realise, that I have read and I am familiar to the theory bit of being a parent, it’s the practical execution that is much tougher. That is probably the reason why I tend to be hard on myself, expecting miracles on every first attempt. But that’s when little comforting words like, “I love you mamma” or “pretty mamma”, lets me validate on the job done well. 

Even though she drives me insane, it’s Smera herself that helps me find my balance, pushes me to be a better person. When you grow, darling I want you to know that its not you that I was never upset with you.  I am usually bugged with myself that I cannot teach you better or be more tolerant. Just when I feel everything is falling apart, your comforting words, your hug and kiss make me feel better. That’s my lesson for today and for once, I am glad it is non-aquatic. 
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