Friday, November 30, 2012

Silly Saturdays - Daddy's pet, mother's envy !!

Smera always puts in me tough situations, where I am left to wonder about her innocence and also the fact that if it really exists. What really triggered this thought is that, for the last few months the little one been demonstrating her favoritism towards her father more than me. 

It’s a known fact that girls are daddy’s pet, I had sort of accepted this and tried to get along with life feeling a little rejected. Nonetheless I had her kisses and hugs as a consolation prize for being the mum, that was the most precious reward that any parent can ask for.

Of late the girl has been shying to give me a kiss or a hug or even saying I love you mamma. So again the mum in me consoled myself that maybe she is growing up feels conscious now. However that didn’t seem to be a problem when it came to showering her affection on the father. What angered me even more was if I asked her at the same instance to give me a kiss as well, her reply would be “FINISH”.

Can someone please explain to me how a daughter’s kiss can ever finish for a mum? Something as precious as that is easily given away to the father even without being asked for, while I have beg, plead, threaten and what not! Feeling jealous I wonder what is that her father does that I do not do. I cook, clean, bathe, feed, take her to school, bring her back, buy nice clothes, and entertain her. The dad just has to come back from work pick her and there he gets the prize.

This brings me back to the question I started with how innocent is Smera? This one question has been troubling for over a week, and the answer to the question lies with Mr Sahir Ludhianvi. But he is dead now. Long before my vocabulary skills were even developed he left earth for a place in heaven. I wish if I am somehow granted just 5 minutes of interaction with him to get answer to my question from the man himself who wrote the song, “Bacche mann ke sacche” means kids are pure at heart.

Really? I think not. Atleast mine is not that innocent, she is an extremely clever child who knows that if she pleases her dad she would be rewarded with the iPad to play with. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two much

This month started with a quick trip back home, just what I needed to get into the year-end festive mode. November is really special for me with most of my loved ones celebrating their birthdays and also not to forget the festivities of the Hindu calendar that gives us copious reasons to eat sumptuous sinful food.

Oh actually festivities really start end of October for me with my little sister Kukku who her celebrates her birthday on the 27th October.

Here’s wishing a very warm happy birthday to Vishakha (kukku), Nivia, Mum, Hubby, Smera, Kristina, Veda and Simi. Let the god lord fill your lives with happiness, good health and peace. Each and every one of you make my life really extra special.

The month has now become all the more special with the arrival of my two lovely nephews born to my sister-in-law Simi. The boys have turned up unusually 9 weeks early and I am yet to meet them, but I am sure they will definitely out do the notorious feats their sisters have achieved so far.

With the change in the weather my little one had taken ill for most part of this month. That hasn’t dampened her festive spirit at all. Actually I think the 5% alcohol in her medicine must have played a big role in making her so cheerful. Turning 2 this year Smera has mastered the Happy Birthday song and so when on Diwali, the day after her birthday as we lit candles and did a little pooja she started singing happy birthday ammboti (that is what she fondly calls God).

Before I sign out I want to leave a little message for you Smera to read when you grow up.

Happy birthday my little angel, may god bless and grant all your wishes. Even though I never get tired of complaining about you to everyone I meet. You make us so proud and give us numerous reasons to smile each day. I am sure this third year is going to be even more exciting, challenging and thrilling as the past two years have been. Keep living upto your name which of course means smile. Keep smiling!


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