Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Daughter's New Friends

Eid Mubarak to everyone. We had wonderful two days holiday. Thanks to my lovely husband I got to sleep a lot since he took over Smera’s routine. Two days of movie marathon on our big screen– we are still finishing our backlog of movies, cooking, going shopping and playing bluff.

Smera’s morning walk with Daddy has been the most refreshing for me – Smera gets to see the world, I get to sleep for an extra hour and Saju gets to tell me the daily log of their walking tours.  It’s been a week since the walks began – and Daddy tells me Smera has been busy making friends in the neighbourhood, especially the four legged types.

Our daughter, it seems have instantly taken a liking to Cats and Dogs. There is this cat that lives on Street 4 that jumps out of the balcony every morning seeing Smera come by. She would play with the pussy cat for few minutes and even tries to pull and twist its ears!  Today though they didn’t see that cat but saw another one between Street 2 & 3 who had two kittens. She kept staring at them for a long time and broke into a big smile when the mother cat and kittens climbed up a tree.

However the highlight of this morning’s walk has been meeting Tiger. Here is the story -   Smera and Daddy were coming back from their stroll. As they were approaching Street 3, they saw two Chinese ladies walking towards them with a baby on a stroller. Seeing the daddy-daughter duo with the same hair do, they stopped to say hello. After the usual pleasantries, Smera introduced herself with a big smile. They then asked baby’s name and the mom replied “Tiger”. Now that’s a cool name.

The best part is that this just a Thursday afternoon and the weekend is just about to start!!


  1. Hi Sangeeta, nice to read this. Eid mubarak and Ganesh Chaturti greetings too ! Nice to read your daughter's adventures with the wild ;). She will grow up to be a strong woman it seems...say hello to Saju too.

  2. Thanks Sabith .. Yes Smera is fearless for the most part, one thing she is scared of though is her daddy's sneeze :)

  3. hope smera makes lots of good friends like here mom n dad...


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