Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love-struck once again !

I have a new found liking to Malayalam movies these days. It’s not that it’s the first time I am watching the Malayalam movies. It used to our weekend ritual growing up at home with dad on Asianet. There was only one problem then, even though I would know the story plot, but neither I nor dad would know the name of the movie.

My reason was obvious one I can’t read Malayalam, his was he would always join right after the 1st scene would start off. For a while I stopped watching Malayalam movies as most of the movies were nonsensical comedies. Mass-movies, packed with silly humor but there were a few that still struck a chord with me. One of them being Achanurangatha Veedu (2006), this translates to ‘the house where the father doesn't sleep’.

Achanurangatha Veedu is a simple story of a man, whose wife passes away, leaves him to raise their three daughters alone. The story turns when his youngest daughter disappears, in search of the truth of what really happened to her and the impact it has on him and his other daughters.

However the scenario in the Malayalam movie industry in the recent past has changed dramatically. Some of the new generation of movies coming out of Kerala film industry might not to be blockbusters movies, but having superb storyline with a touch of realism to it.  

What makes it more special is that movies of these movies cast the new generation of Malayalam movie-stars. Dulquer Salmaan, Rima Kallingal, Fahadh Faasil, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Asif Ali, Nivin Pauly, Mamta Mohan and Samvrutha Sunil are few to name.  Even though being new comers but their work is just pure brilliance and I am no analyst, just a girl who loves to watch good cinema.

If you are keen a movie enthusiast and love watching world cinema, then why not try out some of these movies listed here, let’s support the good cinema within our country. This is a list of movies that I have really enjoyed watching in the recent past and I am sure you too would love at least one of these listed below.

-          Ustad Hotel
-          Ayalum Njanum Thammil
-          Traffic
-          Salt N' Pepper
-          Chappa Kurishu  
-          22 Female Kottayam
-          Theevram
-          Banking hours 10 to 4
-          Kerala Café
-          Annayum Rasoolum
-          Celluloid
-          Thattathin marayathu
-          Indian Rupee
-          Snehaveedu

I would really love to hear your recommendations too of your favorite Indian regional movies irrespective of the language, as they say language has no barriers and subtitles come handy! 

Images courtesy: impawards.com

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sweet memories

Have you ever lost someone really close? I lost my younger sister Anu exactly 10 years ago. But what I lost is much more than just a sister. I lost a friend, a partner in crime and companion and a confidant. She was joyous, bubbly and there was nothing that could have stopped her from having fun. My life came to standstill after that night.

I remember spending hours crying alone in my room or in front of friends, and then eventually even they got fed up seeing me like that.  I took me a long time to get myself to stop crying for my loss. But I what I also realised in all of this is true friends stood by me, when I really needed them. While some of my dearest friends distanced themselves saying they couldn't bear seeing me cry.

Then suddenly one day it dawned up that if she is somewhere looking down upon me and seeing me crying she would be pain. I thought to myself in 16 years of her life, she gave me numerous reasons to smile. Even on that last day, we laughed and smiled so much, somehow it still feels just like yesterday that we sat at the balcony and gossiped.

I miss her the most when the chips are down and I really need someone to perk me up or just when I wish to indulge in some harmless bitching. I missed her most on the day I got married and the day had my little one.

It takes a lot of effort to stop grieving and trying to live-up life long after your loved one is gone. Sometimes I feel guilty of not remembering her enough and then she would come in my dreams telling me that she is looking after me. Even though she was younger to me, but she was always there to lend me her shoulder to cry upon.

On tough days when you just need a friend to talk your heart out I do miss her the most. During the last 10 years, I have come in terms with the realisation that she must be in a better place.  And some days when I wake up from my dream, feeling like I had a good hearty talk with her, it just puts a big smile on face.

It took me a lot of time to reach the space where I can smile and remember her, because I am sure she is looking down upon me and our family she would want us to be happy for her.

Then there came a song from the movie Agnipath song – abhi mujh main kahin and I have to confess the selfish sister in me, wanted just one more day to spend with Anu. I know it’s not possible but the song still somehow gives me hope that one when I met her at the almighty’s place, we will have all the fun, laugh and cry and catch up on the years we have missed being with each other. 

P.S. – If you do wish to leave a comment, I will request you to leave blessing for her soul to be in peace and be happy wherever she is. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Silly Saturdays: A bigger pill to swallow

I got up this morning feeling a little under par and just as we were having breakfast, I mentioned this to my husband.

Me: I am having a terrible headache!  Actually my head is aching; Smera hit me with the Ipad accidentally last night!

Hubby: Ah then take a tablet!

Sure his sense humor helped a bit, yet leaving me feel a little silly. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Every night as I put Smera to sleep, we pray and talk about the how our day was. Today after the lights were out, hugging each other, I had a hearty conversation with my angel. I tried to explain why her mamma scolds her and she very quietly listened to each and every word as I spoke.

I told her Smera, “I want you to grow up to be a loving, sharing, caring and a well behaved child. Mamma feels very proud when someone says you are good child.” I was feeling really happy that my girl understood how her mum felt and with pride, I gave a kiss on her cheek.

As I gave her a kiss, I felt a drop of tear on her cheeks and I asked her, “Beta are you crying?” Smera in her whimpering voice says, “Mamma I don’t want to share my toys”.
So then I tried to explain her, “darling if you share your toys with friends and your cousins, they too would share with you and then you would more toys to play with”.

But that explanation still didn’t convince her, she said “no Mamma, maybe later when I become small” and so I decided respect her decision and ended the discussion with “I love you baby”.

As I came out of the room, smiling to myself I realised how clear her priorities are. Her toys are hers and no one is allowed to take them. While other’s toys are meant for sharing and should they not share with her, she would preach them, “sharing is caring”.  

Image: gettyimages.ae

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Every indigestion has an equal and opposite reaction

Staying far away from home brings in a lot of challenges for young parents like us. We had just 2 months of grand-parental supervision when Smera arrived in this world. After that we were left to taking care of her ourselves. To ensure everything worked we divided our responsibilities in such a manner that none of us lost our sanity.

Most of the tasks were very easy to deal with when it comes to an infant, except two things – one when the child poops or when the child throws up. For better or worse, task one came under my KRA and second was assigned for the hubby.

In hindsight, with this arrangement, my hubby got really lucky, as little Smera so far has on hurled 3 or 4 times in almost 3 years of her life. While pooping is an everyday affair (thankfully) and it does not matter whether I am sleeping or ignoring her call, I am still have to make good my end of the bargain.

However, last night, Smera unfortunately ate a little too much and so everything had to come out. She just could not hold it in, good thing is that she got down from my lap to unload her discomfort. But that made me really sick in my stomach.

Thank god we didn't end up like this! 

With great difficulty I managed to help a teeny-weeny bit, by not puking on her, the rest was left for hubby to do. I have to admit that he did the clean up with considerable panache – using tissues to soak up the glutinous mix of chocolate milk, apple slices, dal, chawal and other unrecognisable good stuff. Later using baby wipes to carefully remove splatters from the ground zero and then I finished it off with a clean mop.

Back to what lead to the incident. My mother is always after me to make her eat. Every time she comes to visit us, she feels the grandchild has become weaker (patli ho gayi yeh!). Following her advice coupled with my motherly love, I have made running after her with the plate full of all things good as part of my daily exercise routine. I must have had a great work out during that fateful day!

The morning after the hurling incident she was really hungry, with an appetite of hungry lion. To be honest I was really skeptical, wondering if there would repeat of the same incident.  So for a change I was feeling really unenthusiastic about feeding her. Doubtful of her little tummy,I kept asking Smera to go easy on the food.

To this the hubby just could contain his laughter, ended up saying it aloud that,” I thought I would never see this day ever my life, you asking Smera to eat less.” 

It's really hard for me to digest...

Image: gettyimages.ae 
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