Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh! for Orange

If there is an award for world’s biggest Orange fan then it has to be my hubby. Now I am not exaggerating! He can happily eat orange after his breakfast, lunch, dinner or replace all the meals listed above with Citrus. And that’s not all; if they are sour then it’s even better. Ok why is that a problem, you may ask?

Bored of peeling and eating them the old-fashioned way, he decided to get himself an orange squeezer. And one day he got himself an ordinary manual squeezer, where you would place orange and physically rotate the fruit to get the juice. He was very happy with it, which gave him fresh orange juice with pulp and no sugar. What more could he have asked for?

As the days passed his arms started aching and enthusiasm was also slowly diminishing. This would be the right place to apply the Law of Diminishing Mandarin Utility.

He then wanted to upgrade himself from a squeezer to a citrus press. So the search began with every weekend spent at every home furnishing store in the city. He found a few but the quality didn’t impress him much. Finally he founded just the perfect piece at one of the swankiest places in town. So with a heavy heart (read expensive) I let him buy that as an anniversary gift to himself.

Delighted with his newly acquired and improved juicer technology, orange juice became yet again a regular at our home.  While I have to admit I do enjoy it particularly if the oranges are sweet. And with that I thought it was a happily ever after story for me.

Then a couple of weeks back, our neighbour bought a top of the range juicer which did all kinds of stuff. When I told him the story he was still smug because even that juicer could not do what his citrus press did.  But I think that made him re-think that there could be better options available out there to get the juice out with-out making it half a work-out.

As things turned out, he got the perfect excuse when our vegetable chopper broke.  He tricks me buying an orange juice extractor with additional chopping functionality. It does not end there he now pressurises me not to use it for onion and garlic. Maybe all he really needs is to go to an orange rehabilitation centre.

I am sure reading this post his face will surely turn red or maybe even orange.

P.S. – Our expensive citrus press continues to unwind on my kitchen counter, waiting for a day when the electricity goes off here in Dubai for it come back in use.  

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