Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Staycations Worlidays - A Total Washout

I am a stay-at-home mom. I feel privileged that I have this opportunity that I can see her growing up. With our little one, each day is new a milestone.

This is a bit tiring job as it’s just the three of us. Our part-time maid comes for a couple of hours everyday and I manage the rest. There is nothing more satisfying than doing everything for Smera. But I must confess I get tired and especially as Smera is at stage where she needs round the clock supervision. And after eight and half months of this routine I felt I needed a break for few days.

 So I put forward a proposition to Saju – a 1 week stay-at-home vacation.

  1. He gets to relax and de-stress himself – read a book, watch movie & sleep
  2. He gets to spend some quality time with Smera.
  3. He does not have to spend any dough on flights and hotel etc.
  4. Ultimately I also get a break as he can help me with Smera’s everyday routine.

It’s been 4 days but he has been in office more than home. A total washout by any standards - few words of wisdom from what I learned this week

  1. Staycations are a bad idea – If you want to take time off go disappear
  2. Worlidays sucks – You makes no friends with this – nor at work, neither at home
  3. Bury your Blackberry –  Find a place to go with weak signals

Now, looking forward to November when we take some real vacation….

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