Sunday, August 7, 2011

Packaging 101 – My Experiments with Smera – Part 3

Some days Smera just refuses to eat. You can dance, sing, or let her play with a tap of running water but none of this make her open her mouth. So today was just one of those days when I was struggling since morning to make her eat.

By 4 pm I had given up all hope and was thinking of giving her milk. As the last trick in the book, I pulled out an old used jar of her favourite Hipp Organic Fruit Puree from the cupboard. I re-filled the jar with home-made apple n banana puree. I took it her and pretended as if I was opening a new bottle for her and offered her a spoonful of the puree.

Voilà!  Smera finally opened her mouth. She quickly finished what was offered to her and was asking for more. Hmm, this is interesting – surely rose by any name should smell like a rose, especially to an unadulterated mind of a 9 month old. Clearly not!

The other day I was watching a Ted talk about perceived value. The speaker told a story about repositioning a breakfast cereal by changing the ‘viewing angle’. I wasn’t entirely convinced then, but after seeing what I saw today, I stand corrected.  


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