Monday, August 8, 2011

Lightening the Load

Today I have decided to tell all... These are not necessarily the worst admissions of my life. However I would like to come clean today!

1.      I have fallen multiple times in drains and gutters while walking up a dark alley by myself. Basically, I never look where I walking, and have been told multiple times not to walk in dark alley. So, what do I do? I kind of forgot that every time.

2.      I am very lazy, even though I really wish I wasn't. Generally, I hate getting up, cleaning, exercise, or doing anything laborious. Sometimes I feel like I'm an 80-year-old

3.      I am not a morning person. I genuinely want to be... I secretly envy Saju who springs out of bed before 7am, with a smile, goes to the gym and has this desire to "get the day going." The only place I want to go in the morning is back to sleep. I am, conversely, a night person. Which means when Saju is falling into bed I'm the one chatting away, trying to think of questions to keep him awake :)

4.       I try and pretend to really enjoy current, understand music, but I mostly can't identify with it. I'm happy with the stuff I grew up listening to. I know the tunes and the words, and new music scares me. I like anything from the 70s, a lot from the 80s, most of the 90s.

5.      I am pretty much scared of everything. Snakes? Spiders? Lizards? Cockroaches? Owls? Mosquitoes? They all freak me out. Yes, mosquitoes – they love biting me and I don't like anything buzzing around me especially when I sleep.

6.      I can never, ever make a decision without worrying about what I might be missing out on. I think this habit really puts off Saju, but he chooses to silently bear with my perennial state of perplexity.

7.      It doesn't matter how careful I am with my handbags, they always end up a filthy mess on the inside with crumbs, crushed old receipts and gum wrapping papers. When I peer inside, I remember that I'm really not all that refined.


  1. I have been a regular on ur blog have been enjoying reading it .. keep up the good work ... Kriya

  2. Sangeeta loved this one ... Why have you not posted anything after this? waiting to read your next blog ..


  3. Thank you guys .. Sorry for this really late response.

    Rahul when do I get to read that write we talked about?

  4. hehe that's quite a post :P
    really loved the way you put it up !
    points :)

  5. I can't keep count on the number of times, I've fallen while walking, countless, I say!

    1. Ana - I am feeling so good thinking that I am not the only one .. silly pleasure I guess .. :D

  6. ROTFL!!! an hilarious write-up on everyday things. dont worry you are not alone with all these habits. they are pretty universal- even though- no one else admits it as frankly as you do. cheers.


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