Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Behind every hero dad is a villain mom

I used to be a huge movie buff before Smera happened to me. Times have changed and so have my priority in life. I’d rather sleep for 2 hours than sit and watch a movie. Having said that, it does not mean the drama is out of my life too. My life feels like an on-going Bollywood movie. I usually end up playing the negative role and time and again my hubby turns out to be the hero.

Take for instance, when Smera does not eat properly, throws tantrum to brush and take bath or misbehaves, I end up scolding her. That’s normal bit, but then hubby would enter the scene out of no where like a hero in the script. He’d then ask me to let it go, in turn making me ever more furious. These are so well rehearsed by now I can even visualise fight sequences.  

Smera’s tantrums are proportional to the number of people around her - she is very easy to handle alone. This make it worse for me and I end up showcasing my monster self to the rest of the world. Usually these moments make feel like Gabbar from Sholay, Jahanpanah Akbar from Mughal-e-Azam or the Joker from Dark Knight.

I know I am little tough when it comes to disciplining the little one and I know I can go a little easy on her. But when someone praises her it feels like my own personal victory. For me the biggest challenges lies in this is department is finding the middle-path.

I guess, I am always on the extremes, be it when it comes to scolding her or being nice to her. Over the top just out of a blockbuster Farah Khan movie, almost verging on senselessness. Smera always ends up complaining to her dad about me. Just a few hours ago I heard her complain to the father, “Daddy, Mamma is kissing me”. Instantly the father instructs, “Mamma can you go easy on the kisses”.

Phew!! Such is life, getting in trouble for kissing your own daughter.

Totally Bollywoodish isn’t it?   

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Silly Saturdays: Art of speaking properly!

If you too have a toddler at home just like me, then this is just the post to read. My daughter has very clear priorities when it comes to food. Anything that spells chicken makes her extremely happy. On a recent evening Smera was yet again hungry post her dinner.

hungry child 

Smera: “Mamma, I am hungry”

Me:  “What do you want to eat Smera? Shall I give you rice?”

Smera: “Yes with chicken”

Me: (Turning to hubby) “there is no chicken, shall I offer her S-A-U-S-A-G-E-S?” I purposely spelt this one out as hubby is not huge fan of Smera eating sausages.

Smera: On seeing me take so time to spell it out, she blurts out, “Mamma can you please speak properly? Daddy cannot understand”.

To be fair to her, I did take time to spell the word sausages, courtesy enhanced technology we use these days. I am sure many of us find it hard to get the spelling right, relying too much on squiggles and auto-prompt assistance.

Hence the hungry child lashed out on me, making me feel really silly!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A forgettable summer !!

The month of June was really forgettable one for many reasons. Zero motivation, summer turning me into a devil, getting a year older, a dear friend moving off to London and my temper along with Dubai temperature hitting the roof. Hitting the year’s all time low, even the words in my head dried up.

Image: gettyimages.ae

Guess it was just time to head out on a much needed vacation back home. Just as I step out of the airport with an excited toddler and hubby, the hometown welcomes me with the aromatic smell of the wet soil. As if even Gods were tired seeing my plight and telling me to cheer up.

I was going to meet my twin nephews of eight months for the first time and nothing could have been more exciting than that. We were going home for their baptism and the best part was all the having the entire family joining in for the celebrations. 10 days of – hubby’s house bursting with kids, six to be precise. Not to mention foods galore, midnight snacking and no connectivity to outside world.

For little Smera the vacation was an excellent experience, though I must admit the start was a little rough. Smera was over the moon see her baby twin cousins – Jacob and Joshua. Keen to carry them in her arms, she often found herself in trouble with me. During the time when she was not fighting with me she was with her cousin sisters, splashing in the pool, making scrambled eggs and baking cakes under her dad’s supervision.  

It was like living life in a flashback, catching fireflies, mending old toys and stealing ice-cream from the fridge. No wonder coming back to Dubai, I am feeling lost all over again. But that’s not the only reason why I am feeling low, I indulged a bit too much in junk food, hogging up all the things that I avoid during the year. 

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