Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quirky Collections

Sharp, Sticky and Slim. That sums up the collection our family's some of the most treasured collections. Okay before your imagination go wild, let me clarify - they are Lapel Pins, Rough Magnets and Hotel Room Cards.

We started collecting them some 5 years back. Pin collection is my personal favourite and I started it during 2006 Asian Games - I have vivid memories of walking upto the famous athletes asking for lapel pins. Some were nice who would gift them at the first instance, some others needed a bit of persuasion and a third group would be willing to trade. Saju manages the Magnet and Hotel Key Card collection, the later I think is quite unique ( I will save the details of that for another day).

Amazing thing about these collections are that each of them have a story to tell. We have walked for miles in search of some, others have been gifted to us by some of our dear friends.  The latest addition t our pin collection is a hard rock cafe pin from Tokyo that Bambie gifted us.

As per my last count the size of our pins collection is about 200 - what this means is that i have the luxury of grouping them by themes. Here is the list

1. Hard Rock Cafe collection
2. Sports
3. Brands 
4. Fighter jets

I am hopeful of taking my collection to a thousand pins. Saju is not allowed to come back home without a pin whenever he travels - he is not complaining though as he considers lucky to have a wife who demands pins rather than diamonds. 

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