Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Beginning

Hello – I am Sangeeta Reghu Nair and I have finally decided to write. I have been pondering over this for the last three years. But laziness had got better of me all this while.

My blog will be about Motherhood, Humor, Life, Confessions, Toddlers, Dubai, Inspiration, Passion, Food, Books, 30 Day Challenges, Disaster/ Issues and People that I am passionate about. I also hope to l feature guest write-ups to make it more interactive. The idea is to interact with as many people as possible from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and life stories.
Before I sign-off a bit myself - I am a stay-at-home full-time mom. I live in Dubai with my husband Saju and my gorgeous baby girl Smera. You will read about them on my blog regularly.

Happy blogging !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i was reading your posts from 2013 :) and thought might as well start reading from here. Hi sangeeta :) I'm aditi. malayalee too. former abu dhabi person :D and now just moved to the US after i got married.
    you write well and theres a subtle humor in every post which brings an instant smile when i try to relate to ur situations. looking forward to reading many more posts that you've written :)

    1. Aww I was thinking you are here in still UAE .. was thinking it would have been nice to catch up over a cup of coffee .. But I have confess I LOVE your blog too .. maybe it's the mallu love ... we seem to have conquered the world first the Gelf and USA too :D

      Thanks for stopping by ... see you on twitter :D


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