Monday, July 25, 2011

My experiments with Smera – Part 1

Imagine you being on vacation long away from home. It’s been few days of sight seeing and experiencing local culture & taste. You are starting to feel homesick what would you miss the most? If you are like me you would say – home-cooked food.

So how do we get attached to these comfort foods? You may say you grew up enjoying them. My mum was in town over the weekend and we decided to do a small experiment. She cooked a traditional Malayali lunch for Smera. It was a simple affair with paripu (dal), pachadi and rice with papadum on the side. The lunch was served in an authentic Malayali way was served on a banana leaf.   

To our surprise Smera who is normally a fussy eater really relished what was served to her. Not only she had a proper filling lunch, she was ready for a second helping when I sat down to eat. It’s like she has been programmed to like naadan malalyali food.

Obviously there is scope for further research for anyone who is interested in pursuing this line of thinking. For now I am absolutely convinced that our likes and dislikes on food are hard-wired into our brains at birth. 

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