Friday, July 29, 2011

Buffet lunch - a starters review

Two hours of weekly grocery shopping at Lulu and we were really tired. We decided to make a quick stop at food court to grab something to eat. We have seen this place before but had never tried it; we made sudden change in the plan and went to Peppermill. So in my gym clothes (nah! not after a workout) I headed to have lunch with my partners in crime – Rakesh, Saju and Smera.

We are warmly greeted by the lady at the entrance who offered to take us to the table. Just as you get in Peppermill you are amazed by the lush interiors. The lady gives us a quick tour to the place and tells us about the restaurant concept.

Then we are shown a big peppermill – a REALLY BIG peppermill. Must be about 15 ft high and one that really worked. Apparently it’s the largest in the world and they are awaiting certification from Guinness world record.

We tried the buffet that had a decent spread. Chicken tikka was juicy and delightful and clearly highlight of the meal. The Paneer Ajwain Tikka was a let down for me.

I started this post planning to write a review, but I am not in the mood to finish as we have a movie to watch. Take my word it's worth a shot to go to Peppermill. I’d give a 7 on 10.

Oh yah! Forgot to mention the chocolate cake and the pumpkin halwa were heavenly.

At Lulu Hypermarket Al-Barsha - Contact no: 04-3549166

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