Saturday, July 16, 2011

ABC – a new perspective

Soon I will be teaching Smera A-Z. In an on-your-face world of branding that we live in I wouldn’t be surprised if her ABC’s sound something like this:
A - Aptamil – my formula milk
B - – Mamma’s online baby bible
C - Carters – Daddy got my first chic yellow dress from there
D - Del Monte – I love banana
E - Early Learning Centre – The truck, tortoise and the other toys are so much fun
F - Fenistil – My medicine
G - Google - gtalk – Lets me connect with my grandparents
H - Hipp – My favourite food (mamma says it’s organic so its got to be good)
I - IKEA – I’m confused – IKEA feels like my home or my home feels like IKEA
J - Johnson & Johnson – No more tears, need I say more
K - Kelloggs – My mealtime munchies
L - Lulu – It’s a win-win I get my fruits and mamma gets her veggies
M - Medala – My cocktail glass aka feeding bottle
N - Nestle Cerelac – My comfort food and mamma knows
O - Oasis Water – Helps me beat the heat
P - Pampers – Mamma’s life saver
Q - Quaker Oats – It’s an acquired taste I guess
R - RSA – Daddy’s Office
S - Sebamed – My night cream
T - Talking Tomcat – My BFF on IPad 2 (he can’t help talking back)
U – Umbro - I love spoiling Daddy’s sports T-shirts (usually with mango puree)
V - Vache qui rit – yummy cheese triangles – lucky me !
W - Welcare Ibn Battuta – Doctor who sits in a shopping mall
X -  X-box kinect – I will inherit this one day
Y - – they do good nursery rhymes
Z - Zara – I have my eyes set on this store!


  1. Nice one, Sangy

  2. Nice one Sangeeta... I can totally relate to this ABC... i have a toddler too n going thru the same phases :D

  3. good way teaching.....nice and super


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