Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ant-e Depressants Part 2 - The Happy Ending

I feel I am constantly at war. War against the Pachycondyla verenae community. For people like me who are not very zoologically inclined that is scientific name for Ants. Okay I googled that out to create an impact!

I tried all that stuff I wrote in one of my previous posts. However none of that worked. I was then suggested to try white cement. So I went to ACE Hardware store to buy some of that. I was determined to leave no stone unturned. Bit by bit I sealed all the tiny cracks to ensure zero intrusion.

It worked for about 48 hours and before the train of little monsters returned. I almost gave up on home remedies and was about to go for the nuclear option that is calling in the pest control folks. And then I woke up on Friday to witness the ants invading our bread basket. I had to take whole thing and keep it in the balcony for some solar therapy. By evening they had colonised the basket and had half a slice turn into a mountain of crumbs. I managed to rescue my basket and left the loaf for my enemies. It’s been lying there for 2 days and the stock is getting depleted progressively. And amazing thing is I can’t find a single ant inside my house even after leaving an opened packet of cream biscuits overnight. No prizes for guessing where all of the ants went.

It all makes great sense to me now – give ants their dues and they’ll leave you in peace. It turns out that this isn’t anything new. For generations women in South India drew ‘Kolam’ - a design that is drawn using rice powder in front of the home, a decoration to signify prosperity. Decoration was not the sole purpose of a Kolam. They used to be drawn in coarse rice flour, so that the ants don't have to work so hard for a meal.


  1. Thank You PCP. we have been ants free since that day in July


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