Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My experiments with Smera – Part 2

My little one is now trying to stand up and walk. I am sure it’s not an easy task but she keeps trying all day long. In a week she has already mastered the technique to stand up holding onto the furniture. Now the trouble is she is yet to learn to sit down. So she would stand up until help arrives.

She has had quite a few falls and a number of close ones. I guess this is all part of her growing up. As a mother it is difficult to see her fall but then I can’t be over-protecting as well- she’d need to stand on her two feet eventually.  

I have been thinking about ways to soften the impact when she falls. Her diaper takes care of any blow to her bum. But I have been most worried about her hitting the head on the floor. I have tried number things but none of them seem to really click with her.

I have tried to put her in the cot for her to play, but she refuses to stay in. Then we went and bought soft play rubber mats. Smera in the beginning loved it and used play on it all the time but now she sits everywhere else apart from sitting on it.

Saju reckons that we should make her wear a helmet … let me sleep over it ! Goodnight.

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