Friday, September 30, 2011

Nine things I wish I had learned at school

They say you learn, most of what you learn, about life, in the first 15 years. If you are not like me, you would have spent most of the time in a classroom. My place usually was just outside. 

Re-reading the first line of my last post brought back memories of my school days. Since then, I have been thinking of things that I wish I had learned at school. Some of these things are never taught, but should be and there are others that I should have learned, but didn’t pay much attention.

1.      Get to know my own self
2.      Importance of being myself
3.      How to choose friends
4.      Finding my passion
5.      Chasing my dreams
6.      Take some risks, kick some ass
7.      Making decisions
8.      How to laugh at myself
9.      Financial Literacy
10.  Mathematics*

* I have to say me and my teachers tried really hard at this one. 


  1. Wow.Ditto here.I would add Giving importance to myself on the list.Yeah,they really should teach these instead of bunch of useless stuff.

  2. I agree di.. we spend most of our energies and time on others. Infact I have been wanting to write on that myself.


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