Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why true love is like Wifi?

Search for my next blog idea led me to our neighborhood coffee shop. Sipping a flat white, I stumbled upon a question many of my unmarried friends ask about marriage. “How does it feel to be married?” I was chasing that line of thought and had started typing the letters L-O-V-E, when I was interrupted by a barista – “Madam, your WiFi code”

Putting a fake smile and hiding my mild annoyance for breaking my train of thought, I thanked her. Staring at the sheet of paper with the WiFi access code, I was trying to re-start where I left off – Love. After drifting for a while I landed on another idea, a bit removed from the original but still related. Why is true love like Wifi?

  1. It is everywhere but you have to find the right connection.
  2. Some are secure, some unsecure, just like in love.
  3. Public Parks and Shopping malls are the new ‘hotspots’
  4. One is blind, the other invisible
  5. Distance may weaken the connection
  6. You take your home connection for granted, Neighbours’ connection may require passwords
  7. Beware of hackers and virus attacks
  8. You think you will find it at coffee shops – but signals are often weak and baristas could occasionally distract you!


  1. Love it.One more similarity- sometimes without you even knowing someone is sharing and misusing the connection. ;-)

  2. Super Swapna Di!! Why didn't I think of this one ..

  3. Hahhah, that was funny! :) Sharing it on FB!

  4. Nothing Intellectual - thanks for stopping by .. cheers - Sangeeta


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