Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top Ten Tricks from a Pre-Toddler’s Handbook

My little one has just turned 10 months. And she is turning out to be really naughty.  I tell this to everyone that I speak to these days.  But what I don’t tell is that – it’s her naughtiness that keeps our lives exciting.

From zipping her mouth to wrinkling her nose showing displeasure, there are a variety of tricks she has in her bag. Here is a list of tricks she would pass on to the kiddie community if she could write

  1. Zip your mouth shut to say you don’t like the food
  2. Spit it out if your Mama persists
  3. Bite her finger if 1 & 2 fails
  4. Look away disinterested when Mama scolds (very important not to make eye contact)
  5. A smile gets you most of the things
  6. A frown gets you the rest
  7. Screaming aloud usually works (especially at shopping malls)
  8. Lights out at 8 does not mean that you cannot play
  9. Keep pushing when it comes to No Go Zones (trust me parents will get used to it!)
  10. Don’t get fooled by toy phones, do not settle for anything less than a Blackberry

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