Friday, September 16, 2011

Games People Play

My earlier post on seven habits of annoying people went on become one of the most popular. So today, I have sharpened my pencils again in my quest to list down competitive sport equivalents of the games people play (or get played).

There is something about games people play. They could be silly, political, evil, awful and many other things. But if you watch some of them closely, they can be incredibly comical.  Here is my first four

SHADOW BOXING: You must remember these from any of the boxing themed movies – practicing blows and footwork against an imaginary opponent. In the real world, these are the type of people runs an evil empire - plotting and scheming against unsuspecting victims behind their back.

RAT-RACE: Are doing a job that you hate, to buy things that you do not need to impress people that you do not like?  This is exactly the rats in laboratory experiments do – they runaround on an endless loop of pointless maze.

FIGURE-SKATING: Have you come across people whose lives spin around all things money? They are masters of weaving a tale or other of their six or seven figure salaries, expensive penthouse, exotic vacations and luxury cars in every conversation.

FENCE-SITTERS: Fencing maybe a combative sport, but fence-sitters would not appear remotely combative in the first instance. However they are masters of placing themselves right in the middle of an argument. Though they have hard time making up their mind when it matters, they typically align themselves to the winning side once the outcome is certain.

So, next time when someone tried these dirty tricks on you or tempts you to get dragged in. tell them no thanks. And ask them to try the real thing.

P.S. – The players and games listed in here are purely figment of my imagination. Any resemblance to real people is strictly part of your imagination. 


  1. I think my manager in the The Hindu was an expert at performing shadow boxing as you will understand when you read my future post in my blog. Thanks for your identification of the games people play on others. Thanks

    1. Haha .. even I have lived through most of these kind of players and I can really understand your feelings ..


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