Monday, September 19, 2011

Turn-back or Turning your back – That’s the question

Imagine an accident scene. 2 cars involved in accident on a round-about. The car at the front has its door open with a leg jutting out. A group of people are looking at the accident but a standing back thinking god knows what.

Another car approaches the accident scene, goes past the round-about just like many other cars. The driver of the car notices something unusual and checks with the fellow passenger. What would you do?

“There has been an accident at the round about in front of Al Thuraya Tower 1 at Media City. Both the cars are parked on the round about. Driver of a car is lying unconscious” said the couple in the car as they called the cops.

“Do you think this is enough dosage of ‘Good Samaritan behaviour’ for the day? Hey! Not everyday I get the chance to pick up my husband at half past 2 from the office. We called the police and they are on their way. That makes us better than the group of people who were just looking” thought the driver as she sped away.

Do you think this is good enough? What would you have done? Would you turn back or just turn your back?

It turns out, the couple didn’t go too far before they made a u-turn. Thanks to the moral compass, good sense prevailed. The scene hadn’t changed much – 2 cars, a roundabout, an unconscious driver, onlookers and passerby.

Help arrived after another phone call and sometime in the sun trying to wake up the unconscious driver.

“That felt good” I told myself, driving back home


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