Friday, November 4, 2011

Currently on Vacation

This is the reason why I have been away from the blogsphere for a while. I am currently on my three-city vacation to get together with friends and family back in India. It all started with Bangalore, just the perfect start to our vacation. However, by the fourth day my little one got dreadfully frustrated as her responsible parents kept saying NO to whatever she touched or wherever she went. I am not sure of the impression we might have left on our lovely hosts - soon to be parents this December.

On the fifth day we landed in Palakkad (my hubby’s home) and Baby Smera finally felt at home. The guilty parents now have stopped saying NO and the affectionate grandpa and grandmom just can’t stop smiling.

This is the first time Smera is visiting her paternal grandparent’s house. The house is in the middle of a coconut grove, with a pretty garden, a small pond on the front and a vegetable garden in the backyard. An army of farm animals dot the place - five dogs, four cows, one calf, ten chicken, twenty little domesticated birds and an innumerable other living beings straight from the NatGeo. 

Little Smera is lapping it all up.


  1. ohh wow, i would love to see the pictures of ur house in palakkad...i was in banagalore till 2nd, now in ahmd. loved the bangalore weather and the coconut trees around, so can imagine your place!:)njoy!!

  2. Prachee maybe should come over to really experience true nature .. We had cousins kids yest to visit us ... they got super thrilled feeding the cows and chicken.. plucking flowers and vegetables ... I surely bring back some pics but that still will justify the beauty and calmness of the place ...

  3. Have a nice vacation & look forward to have some more postings on your trips.

  4. Thank you anonymous - will write a trip update once I am back in Dubai ..


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