Friday, October 21, 2011

Strong-Will or Treadmill ?

Indian festivals and celebrations are synonymous with a customary overdose of sweets. Even though I pride myself for not having a sweet tooth, Diwali is different - the spread of sweets makes even a die-hard savory fan like me go weak at the knees. This is in part triggered by my childhood memories of Diwali celebrations and I blame the rest on kaju-barfi.

I don’t know how I came to love this diamond shaped combination of cashew, sugar, milk, dry fruits and edible silver foil. What I know though is that I can have a whole box in a single sitting and anyone who can resist a bite must have a steely resolve. Kaju Barfi, for me are pieces of pure happiness and contentment.

What I also know is that, every time I have had a generous helping, the happiness fades quickly and calorie guilt kicks in. With over 500Kcal packed into every 100grams (about 3 pieces) and a family history of diabetes, I think I am perfectly justified being on a guilt trip.

If I feel this way, imagine the plight of a person who is diabetic or someone trying to diet. Diwali brings with it a sinful plate of temptations along with the festive cheer. This definitely should be one of the most vulnerable periods that could squash months of labour that kept the notorious glucose levels in check.

So what really is 500 calories? It is about 25% of what you require daily. It is equivalent of pounding on the treadmill for nearly an hour. Now that is a scary thought – an hour of treadmill for paltry 3 pieces of kaju barfi. 


  1. I love Kaju barfi too and every time I am eating one I can feel it settling in all the wrong places but I still cant stop. Diwali sweets are my nemesis. :-(

  2. We are going to be India for the diwali weekend di .. much as I am looking forward to the festive weekend I am also wondering how many kilos I will be putting on this trip back home :D

    Happy Diwali to you and to everyone at home.

  3. Loved that pic :D :D
    I'm pretty sure u made it yourself. Me too in love with Kaju Burfi. C'mon man seriously? 3 hours? :'(

  4. Btw, Wish u all a happy diwali :) :) I'm gonna suicide eating sweets :P :P

  5. Jyothis -Yes 3 hours!! Even I am going to eat sweets and forget about it (partial amnesia)..

    Happy diwali to you and your family ..

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words .. :) made my day ..


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