Monday, November 28, 2011

It's a winner !

It’s that part of the year when everything looks so dazzling, joyous and positive. Winters are back in Dubai, though it wouldn't match up to the standards of a proper winter, while this works just right for me. For all those who know me, would know how much I hate summers. High 40-45 degrees (Celsius of course) is definitely not my thing. I prefer going to the malls or anyplace that comes with a basement parking.

Winters make me a different person all together. I am in love with the Dubai weather these days - with glorious mornings, breezy afternoons, nippy evening, and mesmerizing late-nights. While the current weather in Dubai is nothing compared to the European winters or the one Delhi where I grew up.15 -17 degrees is cold for me here so I can't even imagine surviving the snow ever. What really makes the weather splendid in winter here is that we get a spell or two of rain but that's about it. 

I am very lazy most of the time during the year; however things are going to change now, doing things I really love - heading outdoors. I intend to make most of this winters and the approaching festive season as long it lasts.

§         Spend time more at the parks teaching Smera football
§         Barbequing with friends
§         Building sand castles
§         Put a swing for Smera in the balcony
§         Having friends and family to visit us
§         Start morning jogging routine (I hope at least this time the craze would last more 10 days)
§         Plan for UAE national day, Christmas and New years get-together
§         Visit the Ras al Khor wildlife sanctuary and Al-Ain Zoo

I will update you on how this goes on along the way. Till then Happy Winters !!

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