Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank you? Yes please!

How difficult is to say Thank You?  I am teaching my little one to say thank you - she is struggling and understandably so. With two and a quarter teeth*, you can't expect her to say sounds that require tongue to make contact with teeth for proper pronunciation (try saying Thank you without tongue making contact with teeth!). But what is our excuse as adults for not saying Thank You ? If you are like me who have been occasional victims of impolite behaviour and rude voices - a good place to start the change maybe at your dresser. Look at your self in the mirror and ask when did you really, truly thanked someone, like you meant it....

Most times I am a polite and friendly person that you will see walking in the mall or that you meet in your neighbourhood. But at times, I can be a little ill-tempered and experiences have taught me that even the most impractical task can be achieved with a polite ‘Please’ or genuine ‘Thank You’. Power of these words are amazing - I have got seat upgrades, free top-ups, countless smiles and have got out of a number of tricky situations using these magic words.

Now that I am getting to teach Smera, I am very conscious of setting a good example myself. However, in my excitement to set a good example I may have started using them very generously. On my recent trip back home, aside from showing of my improved local language skills, I profusely peppered the conversations with ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ to get my message across. I got a few what's-wrong-with-this-women stares especially from village-folks back home.

Sure, my recent experiment with my ultra-civility has landed me in some embarrassing instances - but I am determined to continue my efforts to set a good example.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please come back here often.

* Two 1/2-visible-teeth on the lower level and four 1/3-visible-teeth on the upper deck 

Image courtesy: Corbis.com


  1. Hey Sangeeta!

    Glad to meet you!

    This is a funny post, but in its deep meaning we have find the world has giving up to be nice and good.

    Maybe we can blame to the many people around us and the lack of time to socialize, but my guess is that we find it better to push and elbow everybody out of the way since we are convinced we are many solicitors and opportunities are few!

    It is a delight to find a person capable to say thank you, even if the becomes s, and I can be put out of breath if I find somebody who says "please".

    Thank you for your post and your effort to teach Smera good manners!

  2. Thank you so much Tony, for stopping by and shining your light on my Thank you post.

  3. I love the way you write Sangeeta. Just a simple thought so beautifully put together. You'll be a great mom to Smera!

  4. Thank you Sharanya! You've just made my day.

  5. I completely agree with you Sangeeta. In fact, just as you said, I've made many people smile with a Thank you, be it the person at the counter, or someone who just makes way for me. After a point,we needn't make a conscious effort to say it, It just comes :-)
    Glad to find someone who agrees with me on this context. GOod luck to your Little one :-)

    1. Ashwini - I read your post just before I stepped out of for a date with my hubby darling and each time I said thank you I remembered you ...


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