Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can dirty shoes make anyone happy?

I am a stickler when it comes to keeping things clean and organised. Making sure clothes get folded in a particular way, ensuring odd sized things  go into stackable boxes and feeling great after a session of spring clean-up are just some examples . I wasn’t always like this – I fondly remember my messy bed half piled in books during my college days.

I think, as we grow up, we grow out of liking things lying around random. We become conscious about what other people think of us if things appear unorganized. We are worried about guests coming home without notice, setting bad example for our kids or leaving a bad impression on strangers.

Being the mom of an 11 month old has put my obsession with cleanliness and organisation to test. Smera loves to mess things up. When she is in action, books fly off the shelves, clothes jump off the line, food turns facial and magazines transform themselves into toddler origami. All this have forced me to re-learn the art of appreciating the unorganised and unclean.

I hadn’t thought about this change until yesterday. We were out for our weekly shopping and for the first time Smera walked outside the comfort and safety of home. She was in her elements hoping around in her pink boots at the shopping mall and at the parking lot.

As I was making her sit in her car seat, I noticed her soiled boots. As silly as it may sound, I felt happy watching a pair of dirty shoes. 


  1. Sangeeta - you've made me feel nostalgic .. reminds of Aryaa's first walk in park .. I wish if I had also penned down some of those feelings just as you have

  2. Sheena di - thank you so much .. I am glad you enjoyed reading the post. How is Aryaa?

    Happy Diwali to you all ..

  3. Aaww really cute! Happy Motherhood to you girl!


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