Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dream, Do or is it the other way around?

Yesterday, I met a young girl from Sri-Lanka. Let’s call her Chandrika. She’s must be in her early 20’s and is working as a maid with a cleaning company here in Dubai. I can’t exactly place what it is, but I took an instant liking to this girl. Chandrika was accompanying my life-saver (aka my part-time help). We chatted up over a cup of tea and thus I became drawn in to her story.

Growing up, Chandrika wanted to be a doctor.  Yet, she was happy to settle for becoming a nurse.  She passed her nursing course with a first class and was overjoyed when she got a job offer from Dubai. The placement agent promised a position with a clinic and a salary which she could only dream of back home.

Shortly after that, Chandrika landed in Dubai to take-up the promised job. Quickly, she found out she was not going to be working in a clinic, but a cleaning company.  She had two options – to curse her luck or to make the best of a bad situation; she chose later. The silver lining is that she would be earning more than she would earn as a nurse back home, even if it meant cleaning toilets.

I know of so many people including myself who didn’t utilize the opportunity that was available for us. I am sure I could have been a doctor or something big, if only I’d put my heart to it. And here was a little girl, struggled to studying nursing and ends up working as a maid.

Life feels unfair to all those wanted to study and do something big life and didn’t have the opportunity to do so.  I feel the world would be a much better place, if some of us who are fortunate can help such people who have a burning desire to succeed.

Back to Chandrika, she is working on improving her English language skills. She spends her weekends preparing to write the nursing test that’ll help her get a nursing license in Dubai.

I am saying a prayer today for Chandrika and her dreams.

I’ve also signed up for helping a doer to dream – English Language Tuitions.


  1. Chandrika must be one among the millions whose dreams are shattered by these pathetic agents.
    Glad to hear your will and wish to helo the cause. Wish you success Sangeeta.

  2. Seen so many people here who have been duped but who still manage to smile and march on. And some of us just crib even though blessed with so much.
    My best wishes Sangee and luv to the little one.

  3. It's so heartening to read about people like Chandrika! Just goes on to remind ourselves that we are the architects of our own fate. And kudos to you for helping her realize her dream! :)

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  5. Dubai is full of such people and stories, everytime i hear such story it gives more strength and makes me feel more blessed and thankful to God! It also makes me wonder how we crib about the smallest of things in life.

    Btwn I checked your blog after a long time and I like this new look, much cleaner :) (an honest feedback) i know u wont mind it :)

  6. I salute Chandrika for such a heavenly determination and wish she gets a nursing license soon. Thank you Sangeeta for sharing this encouraging story, it teaches a lot.

    Ashwini Dey

  7. Wow, A person to look upto for sure.
    She certainly made the best of what she had.

    The thing is, there are so many people in the world, who are extremely rich and for that one reason they never look at the opportunities they have got.
    If that opportunity had been given to some one like Chandrika, they would have made an awesome job.

    I just hope her dreams come true :).

  8. Inspiring one indeed !
    world is full of dreamers but somehow we r lacking behind to come forward in taking first step either and fulfilling dreams of such dreamers if v r worthy enough..
    really nice of u for helping her .....

  9. Heartening! I know this is true because having been there for more than 18 years, I've seen millions who fall into the honeytrap of the dinar/dirham conversion.
    A visit to any of the smaller airports in TN/Kerala and you'll see a mass exodus of poor people, many wearing chappals and carrying little else traveling to make their dream come true in the Gulf.
    Chandrika has one more person that will pray for her.

  10. So nice of you to do what you can, Sangeeta. Good luck to your new friend.

  11. These people show us how to be positive, right :) Happy that you have enrolled her in a helpful class!

  12. I'll pray for her too! God bless you for helping someone realize their dream. Its a learning for all of us!

  13. I just said a silent prayer for that girl unknown to me! May luck be with her and appreciate your noble concern...

  14. A very kind gesture to see the betterment of people around, Sangeeta!

  15. aaah...Sangeeta....that's so sweet!!! life's definitely unfair but one should admire the courage of this gal :) I really hope she gets the nursing license in dubai!!! and, great going with the english lessons :)

  16. You never know what turn the life will take in the near future and where we'll end up...and that was something really unfair that has happened to her...I wish she gets what she wanted...thats so sweet of you to take an initiative like that...going great...good luck... :)

  17. Best wishes to Chandrika for realising her dreams
    and to you in your new endeavour!!

  18. The Dubai cluster, like many other countries where immigrants aspire to earn their big bucks, rapes the soul of such dreamers. Probably only Chandrika will know how it feels to be cheated, humiliated and helpless. Look carefully, there are many Chandrikas around us. For help, all we can do is pray and take her story up for a coffee table chat with friends and discuss. Prayers and discussions alone cannot save Chandrika... nor will they save us from the guilt of apathy... or does it?!...

  19. That's really sad. Cheers to her positive spirit that has kept her going and lets her look at the silver lining however thin that might be. Here's hoping life has a super surprise in store for her.

  20. Prayers to fulfill Chandrika's dreams...:)

  21. Hello Sangeeta!
    Nice post... and good luck in Dubai!

  22. Kudos to Chandrika for her determination to never give up. These are the women who deserve praise and awards, they make the best of the worst situation and the ones who achieve something in life.

    Good luck to her


  23. I've heard so many of these stories of people going to the Middle East and getting scammed. Glad you're helping her out.

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  25. Everybody - Thank you so much for all the prayers! I am sure your words of encouragement for Chandrika will boast her spirits.

    It's one thing to pray for someone or talk about others problems over a cup coffee. Well I choose not to feel sorry for them. No matter how small the help is going to be let it not stop us. People do not realise the power they have in themselves. A little help can go a long way. If we all try a little more everyone can find their dreams and that would is only possible if all of us helped others around us.

    Do make a small effort everyday!

  26. Thanks for sharing Chandrika's story. Please add my prayers as well for her to get better job in the middle east.

    Btw, I have included your blog in the blogroll on my blog.


    1. Thanks Ravi and really honoured to be part of your blogroll ...

  27. All the best for you and the girl :)

  28. What a conspiracy! Its saddening to know such unethical people who play a plot on other's dreams.... But kudos to that girl for seeing an opportunity in that situation. My prayers and wishes for her.. Thanks for sharing this :)

    - Anand
    Life's like that

    1. You are right Anand but unfortunately this happens a lot .. This is not the first time I have heard of such story !! But I felt the need to do a little more than just feeling sorry for her :)

  29. Yes, the world seems unfair but not so much if more fortunate people help those in need of help. Inspired by your story. Hope Chandrika will reach her dreams one day :)

  30. That's so sweet and sad at the same time. Kudos!

  31. Poor chandrika..my heart goes out to her...but simultaneously I feel inspired to make the best of what life has given me and not take anything for granted.

  32. I do empathize with CHandrika. But I personally think she should have gone back to Srilanka, and sewed this agent! Since she's a qualified nurse, should she have worked towards making it in the nurse section, wudn't she have made it bigger? I believe she still has time to change that! Rather than getting into the trap!

    Cheers! and no harm meant!
    Arun Raj
    The Height of Awesomeness

    Fun in Bangalore


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