Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Logical Princess

My daughter suffers from the ‘princess syndrome’! A desire to look, act and dress up like a princess all the time. I am sure it is the same case with many other parents who too have daughters at home and unintentionally must have inflicted this upon themselves. Even I am guilty of this, it all happened quite suddenly though for me. What had started with reading fairy tales, promoted to watching movies then further moved on to pretend playing and now has reached new levels – personification!

With Smera’s birthday around the corner, we decided to go for her birthday shopping yesterday and she would just not settle for anything less than a princess dress, sparkling shoes and a matching tiara to go with. I am told that it’s not just her, girls her, girls are age are naturally bitten by the princess bug. Last year it was the Frozen craze and this time it’s the Cinderella mania!

After we came back home from the not so productive shopping trip we all sat down to eat lunch, just then she goes back to the Cinderella conversation:

Smera: Mamma you know Cinderella’s mom tells her to have courage and be kind, when she is about to die.
Me: Yes, that’s how real princesses are supposed to be.
Smera: Let’s play after lunch you can be the step mother.
Me: Why? I am so nice to you!
Smera: But you are always asking me to tidy up and do all the work. Daddy can be the Prince, I will be fairy godmother with this magic wand and Abdu Haq uncle (my houseboy) can be the Cinderella!
Me: (Looking flabbergasted) How come Abdu Haq gets to be Cinderella and me the wicked stepmother?
Smera: Because you always ask him to do the dishes and mop the floor just like the stepmother in the story!

Now with that logic I couldn’t come up with something smart to answer back, so I decided to use my ultimate weapon, the puppy face. She instantly changed me to fairy godmother and she took upon the Cinderella part. Daddy continued to be Prince, which is always constant and so we played happily ever after.

Moral of the story is that if you cannot beat the child’s logic then play along, because their reasoning is really nothing but giving their intelligence a form! After all imagination is the spark to the endless possibilities in our thoughts.


  1. Lovely smera darling... I used to be her cindrella at home (delhi)

  2. That is so sweet!
    Loved reading her innocent logic. :)

  3. Beautiful post Sangeetha. Smera is really cute and admirably brilliant. "imagination is the spark to the endless possibilities in our thoughts" very TRUE. Superb!

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  5. Smera is so cute with her reflection. I adore her and send hugs to ur lil one:)

    1. Thank you Vishal, I will read out your comment to Smera

  6. So cute and adorable she is, Sangry chechi :)
    You have excellent writing skills as well :)

    - Basil.

  7. So cute! She'll grow up to be a queen so don't worry!

  8. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!


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