Saturday, March 29, 2014

Not quite black and white

During the course of one’s life, there are days when you would feel like running away. Running from situations, things and most likely from people. On many occasions I have felt like escaping into thin air and have wished for myself to become invisible to people. Just yesterday I was feeling like this and I almost ran away, looking down, hoping that nobody was seeing me.

Now this is not a usual feeling with me, but it does happen to me once a month. On such days I feel a bit of colour to could add magic to my lacklustre life and it calls for external intervention to help me cope with the grey matters.

I would like to blame it to my genes. The trouble started for me really early in life and to be honest, it would be an utter lie if I make it sound like, as if it’s just me having this big issue in my life. In fact everyone eventually reaches a stage in their life, when they would have to deal with such a situation just like I am currently in.

With time and a quite a bit of grey hair I have learned how to cope with this issue. The timeless and 100% natural Henna. It’s almost a ritual, a forced one at that, I have to colour my hair once a month. While the application is actually quite easy - I just have make my head available to the capable hands of parlour attendants. The real problem is the waiting game after the application - coming back home with a pile of cow-dung lookalike on my head.

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Once the hair is nicely packed in henna, it looks like I have undergone a brain surgery (which I am constantly encouraged to undertake by a number of people) or just returned from Mars visiting relatives. Camouflaging with a scarf makes things look even bad – the most adventurous part is getting from the cark park to the apartment   - I have overtime mastered the look-down-run-from-car-to-house routine and artfully dodging friends or neighbours.

Whoever said beauty comes from within clearly did not have grey hair issues ( and probably bald). For us women life is so tough, get out eyebrows done, get waxing, colour our hair and put on a beautiful smile. On days like this I really wish to be a man and sport the clean look just like my better half, at least would save me the embarrassment of getting caught sporting weird headgear. 


  1. I know ! It is difficult to be a woman...a well groomed civilized woman ! Even on days we can let out hair down...the hair is expected to be presentable :-( And these guys! They can just go anywhere wearing a jeans and t shirt and noone ever passes comments. They have no acne, hair issues seldom affect them and does not have to be in a labor room ever. This is really unfair.

  2. I know so true ... If nothing else they could just get into a Bermuda n slippers and act cool dudes ...

  3. Hey Sangeetha, We all have these phases when we want to totally run away from everything particularly ourselves. So, yes, I can totally connect and syn with your feeling. The silver lining is - even the darkest clouds HAVE to move on. They can't stay in one place forever and make life impossible for us to move forward with. So when I go through these phases, I keep repeating to myself, "Dark clouds never stay too long, they have to move on. And this too shall pass no matter what." It really helps:)

    And by the way, I love your sense of humor. Keep writing awesome posts.

    1. Thanks Swapna .. dark clouds shall pass over ... and I am glad you liked the post :D

  4. touching to the core of pathos of coloring hair. nothing is so drastic as this act.

    Very nice post.

    1. I am glad there are people who can really empathise with my feelings :D


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