Monday, April 20, 2015

Good ideas gone bad

Every child loves their mother for the food she cooks! Food is an irreplaceable connection between the mother and child that starts right from the womb. I am not planning a philosophical post on motherhood. Rather this post is all about challenges that mums like me face everyday with our mediocre cooking skills. By the end of this post I will be able to unload the heaviness on my heart, which I have been carrying around for the last few days. Beware this is post is going to take a melodramatic twist, so prepare yourself!

To start with I am not a great cook but I like try new things for my little one. I want her to eat healthy and nourishing food. Not just for her, I believe every child deserves it. I try to incorporate all elements of balanced food into her meal everyday.  Most mornings and nights are spent thinking what to make for the little one. And on a recent afternoon I made some rice along with her favourite chicken curry and carrot pachadi, a bit of carbs, proteins and good old veggies all packed in one meal.

Now who in the right mind would like a spicy chicken curry with a sweet and sour carrot pachadi? Carrot pachadi is wonderful of combination of freshly grated carrot, gently mixed with beaten yogurt that is tempered with mustard, onions, curry leaves and green chilies. At least that is what I was thinking until Smera took one bite and declared it “YUCK”! I was heart broken. This was the first time ever in 4.5 years that the little one had called something that I made for her as – yuck. I mean there have things that she has not appreciated before, particularly when it involves veggies but her reaction had never been so harsh. So I chucked away the entire thing and spent the rest of the day brooding over it!

After a day or two, a great idea popped in my head. To make something yet again with carrot that would win her heart this time and heal my wounded heart. So it was going to be carrot and it had to be something sweet. So I decided to pull out the trump card – Carrot halwa also known as Gajar ka halwa! So I spent Thursday afternoon, preparing carrot halwa while she was at school. I put in all the best ingredients and an extra dose of love too. To be honest the halwa’s idea initially came up for hubby’s cousin but then it seemed perfect for the both of them.

So in the evening after dinner when I gave her carrot halwa, she took first bite and thankfully didn't say “yuck” however she did go on to make the dirtiest face ever.  If that wasn't enough the hubby gave her the permission to spit it out too. 


  1. maybe she just doesn't like carrots :)
    I used to be a useless cook. Over years and looking at tons of recipes, Ive actually honed my skills better now.

  2. Yeah maybe she does not like carrots Doc.. otherwise how could anyone resist gajar ka halwa ??

    P.S. - I was just being modest, but i am alright as far as cooking goes but definitely not as great as some of friends and relatives are :D

  3. How can anyone resist carrot halwa? I have the answer to that.

    I can resist everything sweet because for some weird reason I do not like sweets.

    As for Smera, I think she doesn't like carrots. Try making a juice of it with orange and give her, would work just as fine!

    1. Ha ha Soumya .. really ?? Even I am not that fond of sweets but I do make exception for kaju barfi ... Oh I've tried carrot juice too .. didn't go down well her .. though carrot poriyal and carrots in sambar are still ok :D

  4. Dont experiment with carrots so much if she does not like it. Just grate 3-4 carrots and mix them in daal, rice or vegetables. She wouldn't come to know about it :-)

  5. So, she didn't like carrot halwa...... Even my younger son didn't like it!! But he did like carrot milk shake! You can try it. Recipe is on our ladieslounge! :-)

  6. Why blame your efforts? There is a possibility she might not like carrots or sweets. While I am so very fond of sweets, my sister stays away from sweets as much as possible :-)

  7. It does seem like she doesn't like carrots. I don't like any recipe with carrots, too. (Though since I have a sweet tooth, I can tolerate the halwa.) But, I love to eat raw carrots.


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