Friday, April 4, 2014

Silly Saturdays: Arabian Desert

As a pre-requisite to get Oman visa, one needs to follow certain procedures. To complete the formalities we undertook a little road trip back to Dubai to cancel our old visa and finish other paperworks.

The drive from Oman to Dubai is real scenic one especially if the weather is not too hot. You would pass through hilly terrain, see some very refreshing greenery and large spans of the deserts. The nature is amazing, even the dry and lifeless desert looks picturesque. As if someone beautifully carved and landscaped it with great effort.

The very sleepy Smera got up halfway through the drive to see the symbolic Arabian Desert. She stared at the view for a while, spotted a few camels too and then curiously asked us.

Mamma: Is this is a desert?
Me: Yes Smera, that’s the Arabian Desert!
Mamma: Are we going to eat it after dinner Mamma?
Me(Taken aback, took a minute to think of an answer and then said) No darling this desert is made of sand and we cannot eat sand right? The Dessert we eat is made of nice stuff and is yummy for our tummy. 


  1. wow... not bad word association for a child!!!

    1. Bingo! And that too at 3 and a half .. Makes me proud mum :D

  2. Lol and the kid was cute :)
    and in today's world kids have to know different meanings of the same word like tablets, apple, etc...

  3. :) yummy for tummy .. hey that rhyms :)

    I have come after a long longggggggggg time and so missed all the lovely posts


  4. Dubai deserts are really great but if we go there in summers they are something like weired because of atmosphere and humidity . escort dubai model


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