Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cheers to new beginnings !!

Sangrywords is now reporting live from destination Muscat.

I confess the first few weeks were really frustrating, the usual that happens to most people when they shift bases. Thankfully for us we had my brother-in-laws and his family to beleaguer and it was just not a pile on, rather a luxurious inconvenience.

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Coming from Dubai, one would think that Muscat city is a little laid back, but that in many ways is a blessing. To be honest the city has everything that one could ask coming from Dubai, except for my Sarvana Bhojan Shala and Ikea.

After a month into the new city, we have finally settled into the city wonderfully. Hubby is already working extra long hours, for now I would blame it on the business that needs his attention more than me. Little Smera too has started her nursery school this week and wonderful bit is she just beautifully settled in the new school.

We were mentally prepared for the move, but one thing that we really undermined  Smera’s reaction in all of this. The child was not only upset and but felt out of place for the first few days. Tantrums, refusal to eat and being rude to everyone. We forgot in all of this that little child too missed her friends, her school, her nanny and her old house. Guilty as charged as a mother I completely missed the signs. Then as we were unpacking I found one of Smera’s artwork from school and this is what it read. 

Suddenly it all starting making sense. I have put it on her door for us to constantly remind ourselves that she will grow out of this phase too. 

At first I must confess day 2, I was thinking I have to go back home. Then it struck to me this is place we are going to be calling home for the next few years and that depressed me a bit.  From being an absolute independent, suddenly I found myself stuck and needing help of all sorts. With tempers flaring and mood swings, god bless to all those who patiently tolerated me.

Finally the boxes have gone, the bags have been stowed away into the storeroom, I can manage to come back home even if I go astray.  In all of this shifting exercise I have realise that change is not easy to accept and that is probably the reason why many of try to resist it. Especially for someone like me who loves everything planned.

Thankfully to the lovely relatives and new found friends, Muscat is too slowly but surely more like home. 


  1. :-) Had the same experience when I moved here too..Things are rather slow here. But it sure is a peaceful place...where do you live and which school is Smera going to?

  2. Omantel is yet to be connected :( else we are setttled in mostly .. We are staying at Al Assalah towers .. saud bhawan plaza .. Smera's going to Kids world at Seeb

  3. There is inertia in life too but dont worrythis will soon become 'the current' rather than 'the change'.

    1. I really like what you've said here Jaishree .. going to put this on my soft board .. thanks girl !!

  4. No two places are same, but still i think u r going to love Mucat more Sangeeta...all the best...cheerz :)

  5. No worries, soon things will pick up pace and for all you know it's all become familiar again :) All the best in the new place :)


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