Saturday, January 18, 2014

A fine line!

Getting a driver’s license in the UAE is not an easy task. But I managed it with ease and so I declared myself from that day onwards – a good driver. Actually to be honest I have been driving for more than half a decade in Dubai. To date I have never received any major fines. However I did receive two small ones. One, for not paying the parking ticket and second for obstruction of traffic.

I have very good explanation to justify myself on these two counts too. In the first case, it was just a technical glitch. You see here we can pay tickets via sms, but I happened to send to the wrong number, realised it when I found a ticket on the car. For the second one, I would like to blame the hubby darling. Dropping him off one day, in front of the office I happened to have stopped the car on the narrow road for not more than 20 seconds but that still did amount to obstruction of traffic. And it would not have happened if the hubby had not asked me to drop him. Right ?

Now coming back to square one. I am good driver! I can give good lectures too on the subject, I can also give you few of feelers from some my previous posts.

But this New Years I got my first speeding ticket. Sob, sob! Yet again I would like to state that it was not my fault. This time too I have a perfect explanation to the slip-up or should I say speed-up and the photo shot that ensued.

1.      The weather was lovely, with slight drizzle and moonlit sky
2.      The mood was happy, as we were driving to Muscat to meet the extended family
3.      My daughter’s favourite song Jiya Jiya Re from Jab tak hain jaan was playing
4.      On one my favourite radio channels, City 101.6 fm

So singing along with Smera, I accidently happened to step on to the gas a little more than I should have. Should I be blamed for it? No, City 101.6 should be for held responsible for constantly playing lovely music that instantly perk me up and put me in such a jolly good mood that I forget the road speeding limits too.

It was just a mistake but that still cannot take away the fact that all of us had a wonderful time listening to the radio during the long drive.


  1. There's always a good reason :)

    1. yup Ghadeer and music is a very good reason right :D

  2. Hell yeah..:p
    A speeding ticket is nothing when compared to the awesome time you had with your family. Worth it , I'd say. ;) :)

  3. Ha ha! The point is enjoy the drive :) Glad you did :) Tickets are, well, their problem! :)

  4. It's a massive task to get a Driver's License there (I have heard my friends say!)! You have managed it, that's great! The can/may happen...take it in the glide :)


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