Saturday, October 5, 2013

White-tile Syndrome

Did you know about RAK Ceramics, a UAE based company worth approximately an eye popping USD 1 billion? Even I did not know of this until a saw a feature on CNN Middle-east. What is more surprising is that Ras Al Khaimah a relatively modest emirate compared to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, supplies it’s produce to almost the entire world. If this information alone was not enough to make me dazed they are also into production of tableware, serving a huge hospitality industry worldwide. Here’s more they are officially the world’s largest supplier in ceramics.

Nevertheless what reminded me of that wonderful documentary is really about the tiles in my newly rented apartment. I am sure they too are from RAK ceramics, it would really silly if it was imported from China, with largest producer of ceramics just right next emirate. The tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen are sparkling white. For most people that would be a very exquisite look, but for me it’s causing me severe OCD issues.

Now confession time – I have a fixation or let’s say a mania to maintain a clean house, which sometimes slightly borders over to the insanity side when it’s dirty. This obsession is only to do with MY house, Even my mum’s house or in-laws place, I really do not mind, in fact I encourage them to not bother cleaning and instead spend time with me, I like that bit more. So do not panic, you will not be judged if I were visiting your place. I would rather give you a helping hand if only you ask for, else I will be happy to be at your place, and even more with some lovely food to eat.

Coming back to my problem with white tiles is that I cannot comb my hair in the bathroom as it natural for it fall and makes not so amazing patterns. I secretly wish that my husband would cling wrap himself just before entering the house. Let’s not even go over to the kitchen, my family including myself, we love to eat cereals, how can it be ever possible that even a little crumbles won’t fall on the floor.


Once vacuumed and mopped it does look stunningly impressive and what’s more, I must thank the guys at RAK ceramics and Emaar for letting me know how difficult it is to manage the white tiled floors (note to my self when we plan our own home). However with a little help from the hubby can help go a long way and I am almost certain that he will be reading I am leaving him notes for improvement:

  1. Take a cue from your daughter who removes her shoes once she enters the house.
  2. Since you feel extremely cold in the house, then let the house slippers be or house ONLY purpose and not for venturing out. 
  3. It would greatly help if you make use of this remarkable invention called the plate when you feel like eating you all time snack, the ever crumbling Wheatabix.
  4. And lastly, give some serious thought to the cling wrap idea which I suggested earlier.
 I know I am being mean but hey, it is Saturday and this download helps me to cope with the White Tile Syndrome. Also for anyone at RAK ceramics reading this should seize upon this feedback and start creating a camouflage variant of white tiles at once – believe you me it would be a best seller.  On that note I will leave you with a very impressive feature on RAK Ceramics on CNN


  1. Hope the concerned takes notice. :)

  2. Yes he has been really alert today :D

  3. White tiles are definitely tough to keep intact , I am sure your hubby is going to be more careful from now on-wards :-)

  4. Hahaha..Nice list of Notice to your Husband..I am sure he will take a note of this next time...

  5. Lucky your notices are being noticed and followed I am tired of picking up snacks packets from under the sofa and any nook and cranny that he can find. Had a white bathroom in one of the house I stayed, I got so tired cleaning the bathroom as both my kids would walk in and walk out play with water and colors and make a mess. The only demand I have made from my hubby for my own house is no light tiles. Hats off to your courage to have white tiles and maintain them so diligently.

  6. Not white, but cream ones we have. We practice keeping separate slippers for use inside the house. It's indeed tough to keep them stain free with kids around.

  7. we have old red ones...i hate this modern white tiles...i cannot imagine having them ever


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