Saturday, May 11, 2013

Silly Saturdays: Driven to the wall

Once you have taken a long sabbatical to become a mom, it becomes a very difficult after 2-3 years later to get back to work. Ask me about it. I have been struggling with to take this decision for over a year.

So decided to discuss this with mum/mentor, a lady who has innumerable times given me just enough push to get me started, whenever things have not worked for me right. 

Here is the inspiration discussion I had with my mum.

Me: Amma, I think it’s time I get back work. What do you think?
Mom: That would be good for you. With our little Smera growing up, it would just the right time for you to start looking around.
Me: So then I’ll start looking out soon after our july vacation.
Mom: Hmm … on second thoughts, (sporting a grin) why don’t try your luck at the RTA as a taxi driver!  With you being always to on the road picking and dropping people. That would be just the right job for you.

If that was not enough to offend me, my little one too left no stone un-turned to make me feel terrible.

Me: Smera come on darling, sit on my lap and let’s go out for breakfast!
Smera: No, I want to sit on daddy lap
Me: Ok
Smera: Mamma you go drive, daddy sits next to me!

It takes an open heart to notice the signs God sends, and then it takes courage to accept them with gratitude. But should this be considered as god’s sign or Silly Saturdays!

I cannot blame myself for not having a drive.

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  1. Replies
    1. Madhusha that's exactly what i did this morning too :D

  2. So what have you finally decided? You could try writing as a job... Cause you write well .... :)

    1. Aww you made my day !! I can think about that :D

  3. Laughing out aloud. I know of many moms who are discouraged to drive by their little ones. This is good Sangeetha,believe me. I am the worst driver ever, so for me this sounds like a true compliment.

    1. Ha ha thank you !! Actually my mum cannot drive and for her it seems like a big achievement that I can drive !! But as for smera she loves her daddy more and always wants to sit on his lap while I drive :(

  4. Looks like all the women in your family have frozen on your career option :)


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