Friday, February 24, 2012

Motherhood, a soap opera!

Fifteen months of motherhood has taken the toll. What else would explain my perennially tired existence, pony-tailed hair-do, dark circles, and a constant desire to sleep?

I guess this must by a reality for any expat mom with out a full-time help or the support system we take for granted, back home. Yet, I find it difficult to accept that I do not have any time to myself.

That’s not completely true, is it? -  I get my daily breather when my part-time help comes home and on weekends when Daddy is in charge of Smera. But, there is something that I find very difficult to come to terms with - being at someone’s mercy to go to the beauty parlour ! I am not being unreasonable here, just enough time for me to get through regular and very essential stuff, nothing fancy.

I shouldn’t though, be complaining about the lack of inspiration when it comes to personal upkeep. I only to need to step out to my balcony to spot all the lovely ladies in our apartment complex - some even mothers of 13 or 14yr olds, look younger and definitely fitter than me.

I have on numerous occasions complimented them, and somehow that still does not feel enough to applaud the way each one of them take care of themselves. There is a fashion-week-feel to the occasions I get to meet most them together – usually for a party at someone’s place.

During the recent Valentines Day, on the way to one such get-together, I bumped into a lady at the elevator. I was on the phone, but we noticed each other and then we surprised each other, when we later turned up at the same party. But nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

After the customary pleasantries and introduction, the sweet lady revealed, that when she met me at the elevator, she thought I was some college girl skipping class on a Valentines day!

A college girl! - far cry from the down-beat self assessment early on. “My Santoor-moment”, I told myself, while sporting a broad grin through all of the following week.

I guess, a well meant compliment works better than the best beauty treatment.

Note: Santoor is a well known bathing soap brand in India. The brand is made popular by its iconic yet consistently cheesy commercials.  It typically features a beautiful Mom walking into a party being spotted by unsuspecting ladies. Just as everyone shower compliments such as ‘which college are you from?’ or ‘are you single?’ – a child appears on the scene calling “Mommy…” to everyone’s surprise. Here is a video

Friday, February 17, 2012

My massive problem of passive road rage

It is confession time yet again at Sangrywords – on popular demand, this time on my passive road rage.

Fasten your seat belts, here is the laundry list:

1.     Yes it’s true, I swear at people who cut the queue jump in front of my car without indicators to save a mirco-minute.
2.     The even more annoying ones are those who tail-gate as they are in urgent need to attend to a severe case of diarrhoea.
3.     Must not forget the ones who talk on the phone and do not mind even if they are out their lanes.
4.     Aha and lets also mention those ladies who apply make up while driving in the speed lane.
5.     And then are those who drive at a snail's-pace-60 where you can go upto 100km/hr.
6.     The frustrating and tentative jaywalking pedestrians.
7.     The last one are the kinds that I have witnessed only in this part of the world - driving with one foot resting on the window or the dashboard (no, not a typo!).

What’s so passive about all these things you may ask?

The reality is, all of the above are acceptable as long as I am at the driver seat - I can duck, dive and drive away. But all bets are off when I am at the passenger seat. I was busted recently when my husband  caught me swearing  a not so innocent rash driver. And just after that, my husband found my first edit of Take care, Not chances post to be bordering on being snobbish.

After a lot of soul searching, I am left to wonder if should be attending a Road-rage anonymous group (passive division). If there isn't such a thing - perhaps, I could be the founding member and the patron.

I am currently on the lookout for fellow addicts. Let me know if you any of you suffer from the same condition by sharing your story. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happiness, now comes as a roll !

What is the one that one food that unites most of us here in the Middle-East, it is found in most cities of the world but sold under different names and varieties? I am talking of Shawarma – a generous helping of chicken or meat, spicy or regular with bit of salad, garlic dip, pickles and fries – all rolled together into a wrap – just ideal for anytime of the day.

The reason I am talking of Shawarma is that I recently visited Shawarmaji’s in Al Barsha that opened a few months back. It is one of those places that caught my attention by it’s peculiar name and I was keen to check it out.

Being in the Middle East for about five years, we have tasted this ubiquitous any-time snack in a number of varieties. The gourmet-version from a sit-down restaurant, platter-version from the food courts, the spicy-version from the road-side café and the cheap and cheerful version from the IKEA cafeteria are just to name a few. As you can see, it is very easy to become a Shawarma aficionado, if you are living by this neck of the woods – and hence my expectations were very high.

Sorry to kill the suspense this soon - the experience at Shawarmaji’s was phenomenal! Every delicious bite of that Mexican Shawarma roll constituted the ideal model of what a true shawarma should be – chicken cooked and spiced up to perfection with a few crispy bits inside, juicy and extremely tender. The meat Shawarma was the first time for me and it surely did impress me – seasoned so well that I couldn’t stop at one. And surprisingly for a comfort food, it tasted healthy - I am sure the generous layering of herbs and mild coat of olive oil did the trick.

With a menu of different variety of the Shawarmas, I can wait to go back there again.

You can contact them for delivery at - 04 4521717 
Location - Shawarmaji is near Lulu Al Barsha, opposite Dubai American Academy.

Image courtesy -  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Twice as Versatile?

I was recently given the 'Versatile Blogger Award' by Iamlonelytoes and PurpleChronicle.  It may appear as the blogosphere equivalent of chain-mails, but if you think about it, it's got to be good to be recognised by your peers. Thank you Joriel and Kajal!

According to The Versatile Blogger Award rules one has to:
§         Add a picture of the award in your post.
§         Thank the award giver.
§         Share 7 random facts about you.
§      Nominate 15 other bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award and let them know that they've been nominated.

Here is my list of 7 random things-
  1. I love to talk. A LOT. My report cards always had ‘very talktive’ remark on them.
  2. I don’t sweat much on my face just get hot flush. I secretly pray that one day I can also sweat like everyone else.
  3. I was once served chewing gum in my KFC. Yikes !!!
  4. I have lots of grey hair, more than my mum does. Sigh !!
  5. I have a habit of saying the same thing in 3 languages – Hindi, English, Malayalam.
  6. If I were given option either to die or eat fruits (esp banana), it would be a hard choice.
  7. I suffer from passive road rage, I’ll tell you all about this in another post.

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