Saturday, October 11, 2014

Something Fishy !!

We Indians love to eat! Sweet, sour, savoury, spicy name we love it. To top it up we Malayalees along with our fellow Bengalis and Goans most certainly love our fish and rice. However I grew up in Delhi so my palate is a bit different, more towards the northern side of India. Rajma Chawal, parathe, dal-subzi-roti kind of palate, while I do like an occasional fish curry or grilled fish.

Hubby and me have very different likings when it comes too food, I love Rajma which he hates and he loves Unakka chemeen (dry prawns) which I just can’t stand. But we have a lot in common too. As a true Delhite I love chats and samosas and so does the hubby and we both hate tuna and salmons. But what really got me to right about this fishy post today is a humble paratha.

I decided to make parathas for the hubby, aloo gobhi parathas and just as I stepped into the kitchen, he followed me to set up his plate with obligatory accompaniments curd and pickle. Just as I was about to take off the first paratha, I asked him:

Me: You will have two na?
Hubby: Suddenly feeling all nervous, he asks “Tuna”?
Me: Yeah? And then suddenly realising, “Not Tuna, I meant two parathas”
Hubby: Feeling relieved said, “yes of course”. For a moment he had his heart in mouth thinking the wifey is going to serve Tuna parathas for dinner.

He was grateful that good sense prevailed and that I didn’t made him eat something exotic even for a fish lover. Now I know what to give him, in case I am feeling vindictive, ha ha !! 


  1. Tuna Paratha :D
    Funny incident...nicely narrated...

  2. Hilarious Sangeetha, Your north Indian way of adding Hindi 'na[ to English TWO must have created the confusion.
    Thanks for voting my blog on Indiblogger.

  3. that was cute! two na?? --whattt! tuna!!


    1. You should have seen the look on the hubby's face :D

  4. Haha. I dont know the English name of the fish that mom prepares at home, But I'm a great fan. And Lol, I ca empathize how he would have felt! ;-)

    1. Yeah Ashwini, you should have seen the look on poor boy's face !!!

  5. That was close. :P
    Tuna parathas!
    I guess you need to take rights for this cuisine. :P
    If some chef does come across this post and tries this out, and that happens to be awesome? #justSaying

  6. So it's official I am patenting the Tuna Parathas .. Thanks Ajay for the idea

  7. Good post Sangeeta and nicely narrated :)its great you have the best of the both food bowls of India -south and north ... :)

  8. Hahaha now am wondering if there is actually something like Tuna Parathas. Sounds quite exotic ;).


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