Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nail-biting finish

There will times as parents when you will wonder why me? I do this once in every 10 days. On days when I have to trim Smera’s toe nails. She just does not let me clip her toe nails. While she is very cool when I have to cut her finger nails. She has been trained to believe that trimming finger nails is becoming beautiful. The same logic was plugged for toes nails but it somehow just did not stick.

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To be honest, it got easy in between for a while. But now it’s back to square one, she just won’t let me clip her nails. From the time Smera was born this is one task that I have detested the most, the next one is brushing her teeth. Thankfully the teeth cleaning initiative has taken up by the husband.

I have been trying to wheedle Smera for the last few days to let me cut her nails, but she just won’t budge. So finally the desperate mum in me, persistent on clipping her toe-nails, came up with a brilliant plan.

After school, I took her for a run in the park. Then came back prepared a hot bubble bath and play in the water for half an hour. Out of the bath, dressed in her night suit, I handed her an iPad to ensure she finishes her dinner without a fuss! Viola I finally had a tried and extremely sleepy ready retire for the night.

Once she was in deep sleep, I quietly lit up my bed-side lamp. Giving myself just enough light to clip her nails and I got started on the project. The moment held her toes she got up from her sleep. Pausing for another minute, I put her back to sleep. I repeated this process of clip nails, step back, pat and put her to sleep - clocking a total time of 1 hour and 15 minutes, I successfully managed to trim her toe nails.

So if you were expecting a nail biting finish to this post - I have to disappoint you. Call it what you may clip, trim or cut - mending this thin, transparent plate covering the upper surface of the end of a toe is boring.  

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